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Новости компании ООО «НРОК»

“Airship”. A 7-meters length hanging inflatable construction equipped with an internal lighting made for the exhibition. Attractive, stylish, unforgettable!

Inflatable owl (scientist) – 5 meter high!!!
5 meters of the beauty manufactured according to the order of National Zhytomyr University named by I. Franko!

Aeroman  - 5 meters high!

Aeroman – 7 meters high!!!  

2.5 meters high inflatable whisky bottle!!!
Huge inflatable copy of Your product with an internal lighting is a perfect decision!!!

Inflatable stage decoration!!!
​​A giant stage of 10 meters wide and 7 meters high made together with Alexander Mychak ( !
The height can be settled on the level of 1m and 1.5 m and the cover can be changed!  The first cover was made of artificial long-haired fur! This decoration as well as other our inflatable constructions is extremely mobile – it can be transported in a passenger car! It can be mounted in a moment comparing with other traditional constructions!!!

Inflatable garland «Chrysanthemum»!

A big red inflatable figure on the roof can be an excellent landmark!!!

Huge inflatable copy of your product is always recognizable and visible from a far!!!
This constriction, a cell phone case, which dimensions are 3x6 meters, will certainly be a powerful "magnet" for potential clients!

Ball on the base! 4 m high! Bright! Red! Attractive!

Inflatable START and FINISH arches were made for the sports events!
Undoubtedly, inflatable structures increase the level of any event!

Inflatable skittle of 4m high made to advertise a bowling club!

Ball on the base of 3 m diameter!

3m diameter ball on the base!
If you need a universal pneumodesign that means that you need our unique Mounting System providing mounting of the removable promotional materials with ANY eyelets spacing!!!

Singly-supported Tent ( single mast ). A Star of variable area!!!
Yes, it is difficult to ignore interesting tasks!
This tent usable area may be changed from 14kv.m. up to 42kv.m
Sheltering area changes from 8h8m to 11,5h11,5m ! Collapsible mast 4m / 5,5m! Tent with removable walls with windows and mosquito nets 1,4h1,4m ! The ventilation is an air hole.  A car easily transports the whole structure!

Inflatable arch HYUNDAI made for “Automir Nikolaev” company!
Inflatable figures are made to draw attention to themselves and to the place where they are installed!

3 meters high inflatable copy of a jerrican!

Inflatable Lily flower (lotus) with an opening effect!!!
This is a unique wedding decoration with an opening and closing effect as well as with a remote control! What else a wedding agency may wish?!

2x3 meters inflatable screen with a linen!

10 meters high inflatable wine bottle!!!
Inflatable figures in the form of Copies of the goods are more and more popular!

Giant inflatable red arrow – this is a definitely effective landmark able to perform its tasks!
For example, here is how a 7 meters long arrow looks like.

Polar Bear Pressure suit
Giant animated polar bear of 3,3m height will not leave anyone indifferent not only because of 10 cm long fur, but also because of manageable ears!

Everyone will know this coffeehouse!!! 3m high inflatable structure with an internal RGB-lighting and a remote control!!!

Inflatable arch may serve as an excellent guide to mark the main entrance to your institution!

Inflatable structure «Pharmacist» meets your customers with open arms!!!

Inflatable Hot Dog figure - appetizing and fun!!!

Pneumodesigns. It is always a bright expression of your bright ideas!!!

Inflatable lottery drum construction is a magic tool for any promotion!!!
A Lottery drum is for your attention! A unique inflatable structure (which as always can be placed in a backpack) replaces its bulky plastic counterpart!!!

Three-meter hanging ball with your logo or name. It is a perfect solution to highlight your stand at the exhibition!

Inflatable garland « Apple blooming »

Inflatable structures will be a worthy decoration for any brand
Huge red inflatable figures were made to attract attention!

Inflatable garland «White lily»

Inflatable tents and sheds
As always, we take into account all the wishes of the customer (color, size and layout as well as eyelets for banners and removable windows)!

8x12m Inflatable outdoor movie theater
The design has an incredible mobility - it will fit in a car!!!

A huge inflatable copy of your goods will always be visible from afar

Five-meter cans will be noticed by everyone

6 meters width Inflatable arch
It is made for "SPORTMASTER" Roller Sports Federation of Ukraine

6 meters diameter Gorgeous inflatable tent "Orange"
Undeniably creative Product of "FREE BRAND" !!!) it was the undoubted decoration of the main square of the country during the "Chestnut Run"

10 meters long inflatable flower garland  "Peach blooming" with an opening effect

A 13 meters PVC inflatable arch with aluminum boxes and changeable linen

14,5х8х4 meters inflatable hangar made for "FAU Ukraine".

4x3m Inflatable screens with a linen of 3x2m
an advertising campaign was conducted in Lviv at 5 locations at the same time

8х8х4m inflatable hangar for "WOG" company.

Thanks to the "ХАDО" company, another arch became an undisputed decoration for motorsport events!

10 m inflatable garland " Painted rose " with an opening effect!

5m "Mario" structure was made for the"Mamon" team to participate in a "RED BULL FLUGTAG 2013"competition in Kiev!

7х4 m Arch “Beeline” in Georgia!

7 m inflatable “White lily” garland with an opening effect !

3 m tall Inflatable monkey will welcome visitors to the cable park in White Church town!

These are inflatable balls, 3 meters each, they were and will be a versatile eye-catching advertising tool,
which cannot be ignored, even from afar! These two balls were “called” to be suspended above the stand at the exhibition.

Happy New Year!!!

Inflatable arch is a universal design for a variety of activities!
It is able to operate year-round in any "cover", whether it is banners or flowers! This is possible due to the universal mounting system located throughout the structure!

This bright inflatable structure has recently appeared at one of the car market of the capital.
Of course, it was possible to create a man of mufflers or to make "Zaporozhets" car with the wheels of the tractor!

It's hard to go past the booth, on which a giant inflatable figure is installed,
Especially if it is not immediately clear how it stands on such thin legs! ;-)

6 meters height Inflatable "Big Ben" was made exclusively for "S.Form"
for customer’s participation in the program "Maydans" on the  "Inter" TV channel.

A striking example of how you can with one pneumodesign successfully advertise two brands at the same time!
For greater visibility, inflatable figure has a height of 5 meters!

"- This is some kind of obsession! ... This is something incredible out of the deep memory! ..."
Anton Savlepov, a “Quest Pistols" soloist, says about a three-meter logo.

Inflatable "Apple blooming" garland (with the effect of opening) went to bring joy to the Transcarpathian region!

Inflatable structures can decorate any sport event!
A start / finish arch is needed ?! A scene or background for presentations and awards are needed?! This all is combined in our design. No doubt, it has become a real decoration for the "Stone Storm" racing!

It works!!!
5 meters long and 2 meters in diameter huge cork on the facade cannot be ignored!

Universal inflatable figure in the form of a cylinder with a diameter of 1m and a height of 5m (column, pylon).

What else can be as recognizable and attractive as a huge inflatable illuminated Copy of your product!
This is undoubtedly a method of mass attraction! It should be properly applied - and the goals will be achieved! Put the task - and we'll do our best! ;-)

It's the same ball!!! It's all about the internal illumination!
We have developed a RGB LED multicolor lighting, it has the following characteristics:
  • uniform filling;
  • radio control up to 100м (not infrared control!);
  • all the colors of the rainbow with any brightness;
  • Selecting the speed and "transfusion" of colors.

New!!! inflatable planetarium!
The technology of inflatable planetarium and spherical screens have been mastered!!! Our first 5x5 m planetarium has been designed for children's education.

2 m diameter Ball with two-sided branding (and even red!) Will undoubtedly attract attention from afar!
The ball is equipped with an internal lighting for the nighttime.

Here is a five-meter beauty appeared at the gas stations at the entrance to Kiev!
Together with the "Carlsberg", the official sponsor of EURO 2012, "BT" and "Belarusian Republican Youth Union" ordered pneumodesigns in the form of balls, in order to create an unforgettable festive mood for visitors to our country during the international soccer tournament EURO 2012.

You will not believe, but now there are planes exist with the effect of opening!!!

Garlands with the effect of opening can now amaze even stronger, due to the internal illumination of each flower!

Inflatable advertising copy of your goods is bound to attract everybody’s attention!
This inflatable bulb is installed at 2.5 meters above Sympheropol city and has internal illumination!

You can choose the design and its color!
We are always ready to bring your imagination to life! Garlands with the opening effect will decorate any celebratory event!

We did not see a racket, but we saw a 1.5 meters ball!!!

5 meters high inflatable column has stood for three years at Victory Avenue in Kiev.
Now it is 4 meters height, but its essence has not changed - the column is a remarkable landmark that stands out among other roadside structures. Due to the internal illumination, it is visible at both, the day and night time.

6 meters high and 3 meters diameter Inflatable stein of beer is made to be installed on the balcony of the restaurant-brewery in Odessa.

6x6 meters Inflatable "Bow" decoration has been made for installation on the facade of the building in Kharkov.
It has a special non-standard power system to improve the reliability of mounting.

Another 4.5 m standard ball on a base has been made.
«Properly selected item design is the key to successful advertising campaign "- this postulate has been used in this case. The ball appears at 3 meters above the parking, standing near a traffic light and directed toward cars (one-way street). An internal lighting has also been installed for the nighttime.

The "Rentis added
We are happy to share our "little" joy with you - our close-knit team set a new personal record speed - 18 designs in 4 days!!!
During the "sprint" we made 12 strings (5m length) and 6 curved cones (up to 3m) Uff!:)

“Stock” is added!
Here it is - a symbol of the Year - Dragon!
It can be used at many places (event decoration, "attraction" for children, advertising media, highlight promotions, etc., etc.) it has an simple, but attractive design!
If desired, special effects can be added - smoke from its mouth, "burning eyes," robotics movements, "a ferocious roar", etc.

Another uncomplicated, but very important structure was made - a "Soccer Ball"!
The diameter of the ball is only 2.5 meters, but it is able to show football fans from all around the world that there is a high-quality infrastructure Championship EURO 2012 near the ball!!!



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