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«NROK» LLC is a company, which produces perhaps the most impressive and unusual product at the advertising market - Inflatable Advertising and
Decorating Constructions, simply named as - Inflatable constructions.
This is not just another form of advertising, but a very serious tool that is sure to be a highlight of your advertising strategy.
Pneumodesigns are various inflatable figures, exhibition stands, advertising inflatable costumes and other inflatable products of different mobility and
compact size. The advantage of pneumatic figures is a low cost and high reliability, as well as original appearance.
Inflatable columns and pedestals are visible from afar; the operation is no problematical; they can be used all the year round.
Inflatable advertising is a huge Tool, which not only attracts attention, but also attracts people, many of whom make photos nearby the inflatable arch,
fun inflatable shapes or an inflatable screen, not only for themselves, but also for social networks.
This is just the place where many people can see your inflatable advertising.
It is a tool, which helps to conduct an advertising campaign more efficiently regardless of the season.
Attractive and memorable inflatable figures will always create a fun holiday atmosphere around themselves, as funny inflatable costumes of animals
or cartoon characters cannot be ignored.
We are always ready to find or to develop a required inflatable structure together with you.
Our company manufactures pneumatic designs of different sizes, shapes and materials within the three price categories.
Due to the different lighting conditions (static or dynamic lighting, LED, internal or external, combinations with a variety of colors and shapes)
pneumodesign will advertise your company, products, services at any time.
Inflatable structures can be used not only for promotional purposes, but also as the decorations with special effects.
Dimensions of the inflatable figures vary depending on their purpose.
It can be inflatable flowers with the opening effect decorating small inflatable arches as well as high enough Aeroman.

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